Shoulder health and mobility workout


In my opinion, Resistance bands are an amazing tool to train the smaller muscles of the body. Using Bands will help you to pay attention to the often overlooked smaller muscles; which in the long run will help you increase the amount of weight you lift on your bigger exercises. In turn, this will help support the bigger muscles to promote overall muscle growth.

These exercises are going to help strengthen your scapular, work your Rotator cuff, provide Rhomboid and Serratus strength and not to mention, improve your Shoulder Health & Mobility. You can perform these movements as a warm up before an upper body workout or use them on active recovery days when you’re not looking to overly tax your body.

I can’t stress enough how vital it is to perform exercises which purposefully externally rotate your shoulder. I highly recommend you include these movements in your weekly routine because neglecting them unfortunately means you’re only setting yourself up for an injury in the long run, especially when performing any of the bigger compound lifts.

1️⃣ Band Pull Aparts – (These will help strengthen the Rhomboids)

2️⃣ Over and Backs – (Improved Rhomboid and Serratus strength)

3️⃣ Overhead Jackhammer – (These will help strengthen your lower Traps)

4️⃣ Face Pulls – (one of my all time favourite exercises – These will help work your Rotator cuff) .

👉Slow and controlled movements. This Circuit is about functionality NOT getting a big sweat on.
👉 Do NOT go to Failure. Perform a reasonable number of reps with perfect form and then move onto the next Movement
👉 Complete Circuit 2-3 times

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