Runners workout hacks


Here are some of my hacks to strength train more efficiently. You don’t have to workout longer to get stronger. You just have to do the right movements.

1️⃣ Developing glute strength

❌ Air squats

✅ Modified pistol squads

✅ Kettlebell squat clean

Tips: weighted squats for triple extension and isolated movement.

2️⃣ Lower back pain when working abs

Tip: get parallel to the ground with plank variations

3️⃣ Knee pain or runners knee?

Tip: get lateral

4️⃣ Can’t do a full push-up?

❌: Stop doing push-ups in a high plank

Tip: modify with hand release and knee push-ups

✅ Hand release push-ups

✅ Modified push-ups on your khees

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