Heavy hipthrust workout at home


I know girls like me would cry for not having heavy weights to do the heavy hipthrust at home,😫😫 however, situation like this can’t stop us from modifying our workouts.😉
There are tons of hip thrust variations that we can do at home without “PR” weights needed!For instance, the B-stance hip thrust! 🙌🏻

As shown in the first two videos, the third video is the traditional hipthrust.

🧡In comparison to the traditional hipthrust, you just need to keep your foot on the ground slightly in front of your other leg, make sure you put 70% of the force on the leg which is closer to your body and push mainly by it, leaving the rest 30% of the force on the front leg. 👍👍👍

🧡Here I have added a thick band to give me a bit more resistance but you could simply do without it. 🧡You don’t have to have a long bar to do this, you can do without weights, with a glute band, with a long band, with one dumbbell or kettlebell placed on the 70% forced leg, and you’re good to go!

🧡B-stance hipthrust doesn’t require heavy weights to do it, the key is to keep the load light and focus on the mind-muscle connection!

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