Full upper body workout


For most individuals, the best workout routine is to do upper body one day, take a day off, and then do lower body the next. … It is important to give muscles time to heal and recover from an intense workout. You don’t want to overwork any muscle group because this can lead to injury and long-lasting damage.

1️⃣ Shoulder Press(4×8-10) Superset with…

2️⃣ Hammer Curls(4×14-16 total)

3️⃣ Static Hold Rows(5×8/each side)

4️⃣ Lateral Raises(3×12-15) Superset with…

5️⃣ Front Raises(3×10)

6️⃣ Rear Delt Flyes(3×10-12) Superset with…

7️⃣ Rear Delt Rows(3×10-12/each side)

8️⃣ Low to High Flyes(4×12-15/each side)

9️⃣ Push Up Variation(3×6/each side) Superset with…

🔟 Push Ups(3×8)
✅ Floor Press Finisher(4×12)

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