“Band Strength” resistance bands workout


Bands are inexpensive, versatile, easily portable and don’t take up room. I never travel without them! 🧳 ✈️ .
Adding a secondary movement like a squat, or hollow rock hold activates and recruits more muscles.

1️⃣ Exercise

2️⃣ Exercise

3️⃣ Exercise

4️⃣ Exercise

5️⃣ Exercise

6️⃣ Exercise

🔥 Train Like a Woman Tip 🔥 .
Although the first 1/2 of your cycle is when strength gains seem easier and more efficient, it’s important to program strength in your routine throughout the month.
The second half of your cycle can leave you feeling tired and less motivated so reducing the frequency or deloading strength sessions may help.
Bands are a great strength tool for beginners and can be creatively used to maintain and improve strength for more advanced athletes.

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