Ab workout to strengthen the core


Ab workout designed to strengthen the core for stability, power and burn fat!💥

✅ 3 rounds of 5 Simple back to back exercises
✅ 20 Reps for each Exercise
✅ 3 mins rest between each round

1️⃣ Crunches x20
2️⃣ Leg raises x20
3️⃣ Knee twists x20
4️⃣ Ankle taps x20
5️⃣ High crunches x20

This workout is done for time so there are no set rest periods but you can take as much time to rest as you need just keep the intensity high each round!⏰

⚖️ How to adjust it to your ability:

You can adjust this workout to make it easier by adding Larger rest periods between each round or making it harder by decreasing the round:rest ratio.💦
Hitting all areas helping you get ripped for the summer😜 However this is no magic formula that will change your entire body in one hit but is the foundation training you need to build muscle around the mid section and create ab formation🙌🏽 we all have abs so let’s make them visible!⛓

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